Sheila Anne's Story

Welcome to Sheila Anne Pies! My name is Sheila Anne (Dills) and I am a lifelong Oklahoman!

Cooking has always been a form of creative expression for me and a tool in my toolbox for connecting with and bringing people together. I love hosting dinner parties, holiday meals and gatherings and especially baking beautiful and delicious pies made with love. A gift I inherited from my mother.

When I took my first trip to France in 2008, I loved how the French people approached food by using the finest quality ingredients, how they considered food as an art form and how they used food as a way to really get to know people by eating slowly and focusing on actual conversation. The bakeries I visited such as Laduree, Angelina, Pierre Herme, Poilane etc, fascinated me with the detailed, creative and technical aspects of their products. So in 2010, I obtained many certifications from Le Cordon Bleu Paris in General Cuisine and Patisserie! But life seemed to always get in the way of me pursuing a professional interest in cooking.

As my late husband eventually lost his appetite during his battle with Cancer, I too lost my interest in cooking. In 2019, Joey passed away and as I struggled as a new widow, I kept searching for what made me happy in life. What made me happy was to cook for the one person I loved the most in this world. However; that was impossible due to his passing. I thought it was such a shame to allow my God given gift for cooking go to waste, so I convinced myself that even though I couldn’t cook for my husband, I could give many other people wonderful memories with family and friends through my cooking and feel a sense of connection to my late husband at the same time. So I decided to focus on my mothers beautiful and delicious pies and basically follow a dream I have thought about since my first visit to France 14 years ago. And that is how Sheila Anne Pies was born. It has given me great joy to hear how much my customers enjoy the pies. Thank you so much for helping us get off to such a great start!

Sheila Anne